Control Instruments

Enhance production and efficiency with the industry-proven Rosemount™ instruments, a reliable, ready-to-install, flow, level and pressure solution. With wireless capabilities, these devices enhance monitoring of your entire operation and perform well even in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

Rosemount Automation Solutions

Rosemount™ 3051 Coplanar™ Pressure Transmitter

Benefit from industry-leading performance and patented technology with the Rosemount 3051 Coplanar Pressure Transmitter. With over 10 million devices installed, this pressure transmitter family offers an all-in-one solution for pressure, level and flow measurement. Engineered with a coplanar flange for installation and application flexibility, this transmitter is easy to install and designed with direct process mounting capability for cost-effective installation and efficiency.

Rosemount™ 3144P Temperature Transmitter

The Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter provides industry-leading accuracy, stability and reliability for your temperature measurements. It features a dual-compartment housing to ensure reliability and advanced diagnostics to keep your measurement point up and running. When combined with Rosemount X-well™Â Technology and the Rosemount 0085 Pipe Clamp sensor, this transmitter can provide accurate measurement of process temperature, eliminating the need for a thermowell or process penetration.

Rosemount™ 2051 Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter

Designed to provide industry-standard performance, the Rosemount 2051 Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter offers dependable differential pressure (DP) flow measurements. For easy installation, this DP flow transmitter can be pre-assembled to various primary elements. This safety-certified transmitter also features a local operator interface (LOI) with easy-to-use menus and built-in configuration buttons for device commissioning without tools.

Rosemount™ 3051L Level Transmitter

With field-proven reliability, the Rosemount 3051L Level Transmitter is a fully-integrated level solution. This safety-certified transmitter allows for direct mounting or a Tuned-System™ assembly for optimized performance that reduces temperature effects by 10-20% and improves response time by over 80% versus traditional installations. Power advisory diagnostics enable this device to monitor electrical loop integrity and the Local Operator Interface (LOI) offers on-site commissioning.

Rosemount™ 3051S MultiVariable™ Transmitter

The Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable Transmitter is a best-in-class solution customized to obtain measurement combinations of differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature. This multivariable transmitter is a cost-effective device that reduces pipe penetrations, impulse piping and connection systems. This device is also engineered with built-in flow calculations for fully compensated mass flow measurements.

Rosemount™ 5900S Radar Level Gauge

The Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge delivers ±0.5 mm (0.020 in.) instrument accuracy, reducing level measurement uncertainty to a minimum. It enhances your storage operation by providing certified custody transfer accuracy, better inventory management and reliable loss control data.

The Rosemount 5900S is normally combined with high precision multi-spot temperature sensors for highest accuracy API standard net volume calculations.
The Rosemount 5900S takes overfill safety to a higher level with an innovative 2-in-1 feature which includes two radar gauges in one housing for independent level and overfill measurement. It is SIL 2 and SIL 3 certified according to IEC 61508 and enables API 2350 compliant solutions.

Rosemount 3051C Smart Pressure Transmitter

Flexible Coplanar platform up to 4000 psi with 4-20mA HART protocol, Profibus, FOUNDATION flieldbus, or wireless output

Rosemount 3051T Pressure Transmitter

Versatile gauge or absolute pressure transmitter with unmatched long-tern stability and reliability

Rosemount 3051S Coplanar Pressure Transmitter

The Coplanar Platform allows seamless integration with manifolds, primary elements, and seal solutions

Rosemount 2051C Differential and Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Versatile pressure transmitter with flexible Coplanar Platform to meet all pressure, level and flow needs.

Rosemount 2088 Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Accurate, Stable, and reliable pressure measurement at a great price.

Rosemount 3051S In Line Pressure Transmitter

Piezoresistive sensor technology allows calibrated spans from 0.3 to 10000 psi (20.7 mbar to 689 bar)

Rosemount 2051T Pressure Transmitter

Absolute or gauge pressure measurements to 10,000 psi with advance capabilities designed to meet a wide range of applications

Rosemount 3051SHP High Static Differential Pressure Transmitter

Transmitter designer for harsh production conditions and that can withstand static pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable Transmitter

Measures differentials pressure, static pressure, and process temperature while dynamically calculating mass flow 22 times per second

Rosemount™ 214C RTD Temperature Sensor

How to Configure Alarm Escalation Rules in DeltaV™ Mobile

DeltaV Mobile is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices that brings your operations data to your fingertips. One of the app's features is sending notifications to users via SMS, email, or push. Many times, users might prefer to create an escalation path depending on the severity of the process condition. This video will show you how to create an escalation path for DeltaV Mobile.

How to Configure the Rosemount™ 3051S Plugged Impulse Line Diagnostic

Plugged impulse lines can be difficult to detect and lead to reduced measurement accuracy, plant efficiency, and product quality. Learn how to configure the Rosemount™ 3051S Plugged Impulse Line Diagnostic to help prevent these issues.

Yokogawa field instrument products include a complete line of flowmeters, pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, level transmitters, Fieldbus instruments and safety measurement instrumentation.

Yokogawa field instruments

EJX630A High Performance Pressure Transmitter

The EJX-A series is Yokogawa's premium performance line of DPharp transmitters. Released in 2004, it offers the performance and stability needed in demanding applications. The EJX-A series performance makes it the the thoroughbred of the DPharp family of pressure transmitters. The EJX630A is the high performance In-Line Mount Gauge Pressure Transmitter in the series.

EJX630A standard features include:
  • ± 0.04% Accuracy (Optional 0.025% Accuracy)
  • ± 0.1% per 15 years Stability
  • 90 ms Response Time
  • 15,200 psi
  • Exida and TUV SIL 2/3 Certified
  • Local Parameter Setting (LPS)

EJX910A Multivariable Transmitter

he EJX-A series is Yokogawa's premium performance line of DPharp transmitters. Released in 2004, it offers the performance and stability needed in demanding applications. The EJX-A series performance makes it the thoroughbred of the DPharp family of pressure transmitters.
The EJX910A multivariable transmitter is a remarkable innovation in multi-sensing technology. It makes optimal use of the unique characteristics of the DPharp sensor to give you greater insight into your process. EJX910A features include:

Mass Flow Version:
  • Orifice, Nozzle and Venturi primary devices are supported
  • For HART7 protocol, Multiport Averaging Pitot and Cone meters are supported additionally
  • ±1.0% mass flow rate accuracy (In case of uncalibrated differential producer (Orifice))
  • Fully compensated mass flow
  • Mass Flow Totalizer with ±1.0% accuracy
  • Pulse / Contact output
  • TUV SIL 2/3 Certification
Multi-Sensing Version:
  • ±0.04% Differential Pressure Accuracy
  • ±0.1% Static Pressure Accuracy
  • ±0.9°F External Temerature Accuracy
  • TUV SIL 2/3 Certification

YTA50 Temperature Transmitter

The YTA50 is a head mount temperature transmitter with a single input. The single input accepts thermocouples, RTD, Ohms or a DC millivolt source. All inputs are linearized and converted in to an industrial standard 4 to 20 mA DC output for transmission to your system. YTA50 is the choice for your monitoring applications.

YTA50 features include:
  • 4 to 20 mA DC analog output
  • 16 Input Types
  • Head Mount or DIN Rail Mount

YTA710 Temperature Transmitter

The YTA710 provides high accuracy, stability, and reliability. The housing structure adopts reliable dual-compartment structure. The sensor input can be choice of single or dual inputs. This input can accept the RTD, thermocouple, ohm, or DC millivolt. It converts the sensor input to a 4 to 20mA DC analog signal or Fieldbus digital signal. HART 7 Protocol, BRAIN Protocol or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus ITK 6 version are available. The dual input can accept two sensors calculation of the differential or average value and the sensor backup function. Sensor backup functions for automatically switches-over from the primary to the backup upon sensor failure.By adoption of local parameter switch on the Indicator, it becomes easy to do the on-site setting work.

YTA710 features include:
  • Dual-compartment field-mount housing
  • Choice of HART 7, BRAIN Protocol or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus ITK 6 Protocol
  • Local Parameter Setting function (Indicator model)
  • Advanced diagnosis

ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flow Meters

The ADMAG AXF is the magnetic flow meter which has adopted the proven Dual Frequency Excitation. Moreover, the Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation has been newly added to tackle more severe applications.
The AXF has user-friendly functions; such as an electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, infra-red switches which can be used for setting parameters without opening the case cover, ability to change the direction of electrical connection on the site.
Based on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus specifications, AXF Fieldbus models offer more flexible instrumentation through a higher level communication capability and propose the cost reduction by multi-drop wirings with less cables. FOUNDATION™ fieldbus is a registered trademark of Fieldbus FOUNDATION.

ADMAG AXW Magnetic Flowmeters

The ADMAG Total Insight(TI) series ADMAG AXW adopts the "Total Insight" concept and totally support the product life cycle.
The ADMAG TI series AXW electromagnetic flowmeter is a high-quality and highly reliable product developed based on years of experience and achievement, such as enhancement of application by Yokogawa's proprietary dual frequency excitation method. The AXW is ideal for general industrial process lines and water supply/sewage applications. With outstanding reliability and ease of operation and maintenance, developed on decades of field-proven experience, the AXW will increase your benefits while reducing total cost of ownership.

YTA710 features include:
  • Diameter: 25mm to 1800mm (1 to 72 in.)
  • Liner materials: PTFE, Variety of rubbers
  • Accuracy: ± 0.35% of rate
  • For water supply/sewage applications and general industrial process lines

digitalYEWFLO Multivariable

The world's first two-wire Multi-variable Type (with built-in temperature sensor) can directly output the mass flow rate of saturated steam.The digitalYEWFLO vortex flowmeter combines the field proven sensor and body assembly used in more than 260,000 units installed worldwide with a unique and powerful combination of digital technology that includes spectral signal processing (SSP), a Yokogawa innovation. The digitalYEWFLO vortex flowmeter is accurate and stable, even in harsh process conditions, and has a highly reliable and robust design that delivers improvements in plant efficiency and reduced operating costs.

digitalYEWFLO High Temperature Vortex Flowmeter

The long term reliability of the digitalYEWFLO series also extends to the High Process Temperature and Cryogenic models.
With the High Process Temperature model, process fluids with temperatures as high as 450 degrees C can be accurately measured, this is ideal for your high temperature superheated and saturated steam applications. The Cryogenic model can measure processes at temperatures down as low as -196 degrees C, ideal for low temperature applications such as liquid oxygen.